29 January 2015

AFCON 2015 - Quarterfinals Appointments

These are the appointed officials for the quarterfinals matches of CAF African Cup of Nations 2015 held in Equatorial Guinea.

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28 January 2015

Alireza Faghani appointed for 2015 Asian Cup Final

The Iranian Alireza Faghani (photo) has been selected to officiate the 2015 Asian Cup Final between Korea Republic and Australia in Sydney, Australia.

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25 January 2015

Ryuji Sato and Ravshan Irmatov appointed for 2015 Asian Cup Semifinals

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional, these are the officials appointed by AFC for 2015 Asian Cup's  Semifinals.  Japanese Ryuji Sato will handle the clash between Korea Republic and Iraq, while Ravshan Irmatov from Uzbekistan has been assigned to Australia - UA Emirates.

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24 January 2015

AFCON 2015 - Matchday 3 - Referee Appointments

As soon as informations will be available, we will publish all the appointed officials for the third group stage matchday of CAF African Cup of Nations 2015 held in Equatorial Guinea.

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23 January 2015

Pedro Proença has announced his immediate retirement

Portuguese referee Pedro Proença Oliveira Alves Garcia has announced his immediate retirement from refereeing both at national and international level. On a press conference, he confirmed previous rumours and reports and stressed that this decision had been "reflected and considered for months". Drawing a prompt line under his long and successful career, Proença emulates other top referees' deeds, such as Howard Webb, Massimo Busacca or Lubos Michel, who all finished their careers before the age limit of 45 years.

Having become an international referee in 2003, the financial director residing in Lisbon was kind of late high flyer. Although it took him some years to establish in the higher categories of UEFA officiating, among others attending the Under-21 European Championship in 2009, he took charge of both the UEFA Champions League final between Bayern München and Chelsea FC and European Championship final between Spain and Italy in 2012. For sure, his ability to control games with natural authority, charisma and good management skills have been the key factors that brought him to these achievements.

After this extra-ordinary year 2012, his career slowed down a little. Despite further big games and tournaments such as World Cup 2014, Proença's motivation apparently suffered from the huge achievements gathered within only a few weeks or months. In 2014, his former strength of keeping matches under control by a calm, composed and charismatic leadership style was not that visible anymore, at least in my personal opinion. In fact some of the recent matches got out of control. That's why Proença probably took a wise decision just in-time. However, this should not tarnish his success of previous years, but just belong to an entire picture of this referee, who definitely "was somebody" on the field of play.

"While acknowledging that some decisions might have been wrong [...], I am confident that I did everything in order to improve my skills and my performance, trying to counter inevitable human errors.", he stated.

Although Proença plans to focus on his occupation as manager for now, he expressed that he was open for new tasks in the area of refereeing: "I will always give my contribution to refereeing whenever requested." In the previous week, it was speculated whether Pierluigi Collina might support Proença's membership in the UEFA Referee Committee, which will be re-staffed next March.

However, Pedro Proença is not the only great of refereeing that has finished his career:

Wolfgang Stark sending off Pepe in El Clásico 2011

Olegario Benquerença, Stéphane Lannoy and Wolfgang Stark had to retire due to the age limit of 45. All three will stay in our mind, probably as referees who had their ups and downs, but who were personalities and partly extra-ordinary figures on the field of play. There is probably no other official whose style is as unique as Benquerença's has been and there is, to my best knowledge, no other referee in UEFA's circles who handled matches with such a consistent and authoritative zero tolerance strategy like Wolfgang Stark did. UEFA definitely lost a lot of experience last December.
Looking into other considerations, Marco Rodríguez refrained from using the chance to break a record of World Cup participations and finished his career, too. What some people might have missed is that World Cup 2014 opener referee Yuichi Nishimura decided to retire from officiating as well.

Renato Faverani (left) and Andrea Stefani (right) prior to Schalke-Basel

There were also some assistant referees who should be mentioned. Italian World Cup final assistant referees Renato Faverani and Andrea Stefani for example. Or English Darren Cann. Without any doubt, there are some referees whose success would have been inconceivable without their teammates - Nicola Rizzoli and Howard Webb belong to them. Whenever their names appeared, Faverani's, Stefani's and Cann's were not far away. Thus, Webb visited and surprised Darren Cann at his very last international match in Barcelona last December. The duo Webb & Cann is one that shows one of the great facets of refereeing: it has the potential to build friendships.

Same counts for many many other FIFA referees who have finished their careers last year. They all deserve respect and thanks for serving the game at the expense of plenty of sacrifices. 

Huge respect for their careers!
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21 January 2015

AFCON 2015 - Matchday 2 - Referee Appointments

These are the referee appointments for the second group stage matchday of CAF African Cup of Nations 2015 held in Equatorial Guinea.

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Asian Cup 2015 - Quarterfinals appointments

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional, these are the officials appointed by AFC for 2015 Asian Cup's Quartefinals matches. Remarkable achievement for the young Saudi Fahad Al-Mirdasi in charge of Korea Republic - Uzbekistan,  while Iranian Alireza Faghani will officiate his fourth match in the competition, between Japan and UA Emirates. Benjamin Williams will handle a very interesting clash between Iran and Iraq.  To complete the assignments, Korean Kim Jong Hyeok will oversee China - Australia. 

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17 January 2015

Asian Cup 2015 - Referee Appointments - Matches 19-24

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional, these are the officials appointed by AFC for matches 19-24 of 2015 Asian Cup. 

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16 January 2015

Video Coaching - Assessing the Level of Punishment 7 - Solutions!


The following match situation is taken from the UEFA Champions League's Matchday 5 tie between Sporting Lisbon and NK Maribor and belongs to the category Assessing the Level of Punishment.
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15 January 2015

UEFA Winter Course 2015 Athens with a guest from Chile

Chilean World Cup 2014 referee Enrique Osses has been invited by UEFA to join their refereeing winter course in Athens from 1 to 5 February. As usual, UEFA's top referees and new FIFA match officials will use this opportunity to gather and prepare for their coming challenges and the knockout-stages of UEFA's club competitions.

Will guide UEFA's top officials through the course: Pierluigi Collina ©ZIMBIO
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AFCON 2015 - Matchday 1 - Referee Appointments

Thanks to Árbitro Internacional, we can provide you with the referee appointments for the first matchday of CAF African Cup of Nations Equatorial Guinea. CAF's Best Referee of 2014, Gambian Bakary Papa Gassama, has been assigned to take charge of the opener game.

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CAF African Cup of Nations 2015 Equatorial Guinea - Match Officials

The following referee teams have been chosen by Africa's football governing body CAF to officiate at African Cup of Nations 2015 held in Equatorial Guinea from 14 January to 8 February. The blog will keep you informed about the referee appointments and will try to deliver some referee observers' reports. Nonetheless, you are - as usual - invited to share your impressions on the referees in form of comments.

Gambian Bakary Papa Gassama will head the squad of 44 match officials

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14 January 2015

Asian Cup 2015 - Referee Appointments - Matches 13-18

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional, these are the officials appointed by AFC for matches 13-18 of 2015 Asian Cup. Among others, Christopher Beath (Australia) will make his bow in the tournament.

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12 January 2015

Asian Cup 2015 - Referee Appointments - Matches 9-12

Thank to our source Árbitro Internacional, these are the officials appointed by AFC for matches 9-12 of 2015 Asian Cup. Among others, Iranian Alireza Faghani (Iran) will take charge of his second game at the tournament.

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11 January 2015

Asian Cup 2015 - Referee Appointments - Matches 1-8

AFC Asian Cup 2015, held in Australia, has already started. You will find an overview on the referee appointments for each package of matchdays here (1-8, 9-16 and 17-24). We ask you to place your comments in the respective threads. The complete referee assignments are kindly provided by Árbitro Internacional, whose sources apparently fill the lack of information we are - unfortunately - not receiving by the Asian football confederation's media department.

World Cup record holder Irmatov took charge of the opener

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05 January 2015

AFC Asian Cup 2015 Australia - Match Officials & Schedule

The following referee teams have been chosen by Asia's football governing body AFC to officiate at Asian Cup 2015 held in Australia from 9 to 31 January. The blog will keep you informed about the referee appointments, but will offer no reports about the referees' performances this time. Nonetheless, you are - as usual - invited to share your impressions on the referees in form of comments.

Nishimura's descendant? Ryuji Sato from Japan

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29 December 2014

The 3rd Team Referee of the Year 2014: Björn Kuipers

As we are approaching the end of the year, time has come to reveal our annual global ranking of international referees. For the second time in a row, Dutch international match official Björn Kuipers is honoured by the blog and its community as The 3rd Team Referee of the Year 2014.

Kuipers: "Yes! No.1!"  Rizzoli: "But it was scarce!"  Pitana: "Be glad that you came second, I almost caught you!"

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19 December 2014

Walter López appointed to handle 2014 CWC Final

Walter López Castellanos from Guatemala has been appointed to handle the final match of the 2014 FIFA Club  World Cup, between Real Madrid and San Lorenzo De Almagro, to be played on 20 December 2014 in Marrakech. He will be assisted by Leonel Leal (CRC) and Gerson López (GUA).

A FIFA referee since 2006, López attended the 2014 WC as fourth official, after a long preselection's process. Prior to this assignment, the last CONCACAF referee appointed for  FIFA CWC final had been Benito Archundia from Mexico, in the 2009 edition. For Walter López, this will be the second match in the competition, after having already refereed the play off for quartefinals. To complete the officiating crew for this final, Noumandiez Doué from Ivory Coast will act as the fourth official.

2014 FIFA CWC Final
20 December 2014, 20:30 CET (Marrakech)
Real Madrid - San Lorenzo De Almagro
Referee: Walter López Castellanos (GUA)
Assistant Referee 1: Leonel Leal (CRC)
Assistant Referee 2: Gerson López Castellanos (GUA)
Fourth Official: Noumandiez Doué (CIV)

A few hours earlier, the third place final will be played in the same stadium, between Cruz Azul from Mexico and Auckland City from New Zealand. The referee selected by FIFA for this clash is the Portuguese Pedro Proença, at his second match in this tournament, after a quarterfinal. Enrique Osses will take the duties of fourth official. This could be the last international match for the Portuguese official, having hinted about a possible retirement after the tournament, especially in case of an appointment for the final match. 

2014 FIFA CWC Third Place Final
20 December 2014, 17:30 CET (Marrakech)
Cruz Azul - Auckland City
Referee: Pedro Proença (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Bertino Miranda (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: José Tiago Trigo (POR)
Fourth Official: Enrique Osses (CHI)
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International Referees and Assistant Referees for 2015

The 3rd Team is honoured to provide you with the entire list of international referees and assistant referees for the next year - 2015. Congratulations to all match officials included in this list and thanks to those who will leave it at the end of 2014!

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13 December 2014

UEFA Referee Categories - Women and Futsal

These are the new UEFA categories for Women and Futsal officials applicable from 12 December 2014 onwards. 

Stéphanie Frappart, new French Elite (c) lexpress.fr


Elite Group
Jana Adamkova (CZE), Teodora Albon (ROU), Sandra Braz Bastos (POR, prom.), Cristina Dorcioman (ROU), Stéphanie Frappart (FRA, prom.), Gyöngyi Krisztina Gaál (HUN), Riem Hussein (GER), Katalin Kulcsar (HUN), Pernilla Larsson (SWE), Efthalia Mitsi (GRE), Kateryna Monzul (UKR), Monika Mularczyk (POL, prom.), Sara Persson (SWE), Morag Pirie (SCO), Silvia Tea Spinelli (ITA), Esther Staubli (SUI), Bibiana Steinhaus (GER), Carina Susanna Vitulano (ITA).

First Group
Linn Anderson (SWE), Esther Azzopardi (MLT), Floarea Cristina Babadac (ROU), Petra Chuda (SVK), Rhona Daly (IRL), Amy Fearn (ENG), Florence Guillemin (FRA, prom.), Kirsi Heikkinen (FIN, dem.), Sofia Karagiorgi (CYP), Zuzana Kovacova (SVK), Marija Kurtes (GER, prom.), Eleni Lampadariou (GRE), Lina Lehtovaara (FIN, prom.), Elia María Martínez Martínez (ESP), Anastasia Pustovoytova (RUS), Karolina Radzik-Johan (POL), Sharon Sluyts (BEL), Marte Sørø (NOR, prom.), Eszter Urban (HUN, prom.), Olga Zadinova (CZE).

Second Group 
Lilach Asulin (ISR), Sabine Bonnin (FRA), Paula Brady (IRL), Vesna Budimir (CRO), Lorraine Clark (SCO, prom.), Tania Fernandes Morais (LUX, prom.), Simona Ghisletta (SUI), Dilan Deniz Gökçek (TUR), Kseniya Goryachev (RUS, prom.), Knarik Grigoryan (ARM), Gordana Kuzmanovic (SRB), Yuliya Medvedeva (KAZ), Ana Minic (SRB), Zuzana Valentova (SVK), Kateryna Zora (UKR).

Third Group
Eleni Antoniou (GRE), Ewa Augustyn (POL, new), Julia-Stefanie Baier (AUT), Barbara Bollenberger (AUT), Cristina Bujor (ROU), Charlotte Carpenter (WAL, new), Svetlana Ceban (MDA), Aleksandra Cesen (SVN), Virginie Derouaux (BEL), Galiya Echeva (BUL), Cathrine Eide (NOR, new), Marta Frías Acedo (ESP), Valentina Garoffolo (ITA), Sarah Garratt (ENG), Beatriz Gil Gozalo (ESP), Désirée Grundbacher (SUI), Sabayel Gurbanova (AZE), Mihaela Gurdon Basimamovic (CRO), Liliya Hasanova (KAZ, new), Kristina Husballe (DEN), Frida Mia Klarlund Nielsen (DEN, new), Dliek Kocbay (TUR), Eliška Královec Kramlová (CZE), Ifeoma Kulmala (FIN), Yuliya Larionova (AZE, new), Justina Lavrenovaite (LTU), Katarzyna Lisiecka-Sęk (POL, new), Jurgita Mačikunytė (LTU, new), Ivana Martincic (CRO), Dimitrina Milkova (BUL), Neslihan Muratdağı (TUR, new), Henrikke Holm Nervik (NOR), Elvira Nurmustafina (KAZ), Vera Onica (MDA, new), Hannelore Onsea (BEL, new), Vera Opeikina (RUS, new), Lois Otte (BEL), Meliz Özçiğdem (TUR), Vivian Peeters (NED), Tess Petersson (SWE, new), Ruzanna Petrosyan (ARM), Graziella Pirriatore (ITA), Ivana Projkovska (MKD), Viola Raudzina (LVA), Anastasiya Romanyuk (UKR, new), Silvia Andreia Rosa Domingos (POR), Ana Sofia Soares Aguiar (POR, new), Angelika Soeder (GER, new), Nelli Stepanyan (ARM), Sandra Strub (SUI, new), Tanja Subotic (SVN), Marianne Svendsen (DEN), Liudmyla Telbukh (UKR), Bojana Tosic (BIH,new), Biljana Trifunovic (SRB), Volha Tsiareshka (BLR, new), Irina Turovskaya (BLR), Irena Velevackoska (MKD), Ivana Vlaic (BIH).

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12 December 2014

UEFA Referee Categories - Winter 2014/15 - Aytekin and Mateu Lahoz promoted to Elite

UEFA's Referee Committee members have decided to promote Germany's Deniz Aytekin and Spaniard Antonio Mateu Lahoz to the highest category of European international referees. From now on, they belong to Elite Group. Congratulations!

++ Craig Pawson is the new English FIFA referee. ++
++ RFEF is the first association allowed to have more than three referees in Elite. ++
++ For the first time (in history?), France will not be represented in the Elite Group. ++

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11 December 2014

Predictions: Promotions and Demotions in UEFA's Referee Categories

Tomorrow, on 12 December, UEFA's Referee Committee members are about to gather at UEFA's headquarters in Suisse Nyon. Without knowing the agenda of the meeting, it is relatively easy to guess that defining the promotions and demotions within their referee categories will be the focal point of discussion Pierluigi Collina and his colleagues are going to have. A prediction.

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08 December 2014

Europa League - Referee Appointments - Matchday 6

These are the officials appointed by UEFA for 2014-15 Europa League Group Stage Matchday 6. Besides some more experienced match officials, Pawel Raczkowski and István Kovács will make their Europa League debuts.

Manuel Gräfe will be in charge of Sevilla - Rijeka

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Champions League 2014/15 - Referee Appointments - Matchday 6 (Wednesday)

Surprising appointment for Porto - Shakhtar: French Ruddy Buquet will make his debut in UEFA Champions League. Additionally, Serbian Milorad Mažić will handle AS Roma - Manchester City under the eyes of Marc Batta. Portuguese Olegário Benquerença will attend his farewell game in Munich, while English World Cup final assistant referees Darren Cann, Renato Faverani and Andrea Stefani are about to finish their long careers in Camp Nou and San Mamés respectively.

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Stadio Olimpico, Rome (ITA)
AS Roma - Manchester City
Referee: Milorad Mažić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 1: Milovan Ristić (SRB)
Assistant Referee 2: Dalibor Djurdjević (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Danilo Grujić (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Dejan Filipović (SRB)
Fourth Official: Dejan Petrović (SRB)
UEFA Referee Observer: Marc Batta (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Roland Ospelt (LIE)
Blog Referee Observer:

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Allianz Arena, Munich (GER)
Bayern München - CSKA Moskva
Referee: Olegário Benquerença (POR)
Assistant Referee 1: Ricardo Santos (POR)
Assistant Referee 2: Rui Tavares (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Manuel De Sousa (POR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carlos Taborda Xistra (POR)
Fourth Official: Nuno Tomás Pereira (POR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Markus Nobs (SUI)
UEFA Delegate: Svein Johannessen (NOR)
Blog Referee Observer: Carter (AUS)

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Camp Nou, Barcelona (ESP)
FC Barcelona - Paris SG
Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Mullarkey (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Darren Cann (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Andre Marriner (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Anthony Taylor (ENG)
Fourth Official: Stephen Child (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Leif Sundell (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Pat Quigley (IRL)
Blog Referee Observer: Maxi R. (GER)

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
AmsterdamArena, Amsterdam (NED)
Ajax Amsterdam - APOEL Nicosia
Referee: Carlos Velasco Carballo (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Alonso Fernández (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Juan Carlos Yuste Jiménez (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Carlos Del Cerro Grande (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Jesús Gil Manzano (ESP)
Fourth Official: Angel Nevado Rodríguez (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Rune Pedersen (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Yoav Strauss (ISR)
Blog Referee Observer:

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Stamford Bridge, London (ENG)
Chelsea FC - Sporting
Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
Assistant Referee 1: Kim Thomas Haglund (NOR)
Assistant Referee 2: Frank Andås (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Ken Henry Johnsen (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Svein-Erik Edvartsen (NOR)
Fourth Official: Sven Erik Midthjell (NOR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Charles Agius (MLT)
UEFA Delegate: Sune Hellströmer (SWE)
Blog Referee Observer: Gitzlo (AUT)

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Stadion Ljudski vrt, Maribor (SVN)
NK Maribor - Schalke 04
Referee: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
Assistant Referee 1: Pawel Sokolnicki (POL)
Assistant Referee 2: Rafal Rostkowski (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Marcin Borski (POL)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Tomasz Wajda (POL)
Fourth Official: Michal Obukowicz (POL)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Adrian Ixari (MDA)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Estádio do Dragão, Porto (POR)
FC Porto - Shakhtar Donetsk
Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Guillaume Débart (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Benoît Bastien (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Amaury Delerue (FRA)
Fourth Official: Cyril Saint Cricq Lompre (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Luis Medina Cantalejo (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Stanislaw Speczik (POL)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

10/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Estadio San Mamés, Bilbao (ESP)
Athletic Club - BATE Borisov
Referee: Daniele Orsato (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Renato Faverani (ITA)
Assistant Referee 2: Andrea Stefani (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Antonio Damato (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Paolo Valeri (ITA)
Fourth Official: Matteo Passeri (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Donald McVicar (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Markus Stenger (GER)
Blog Referee Observer: Howard M. (GER)
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07 December 2014

Champions League 2014/15 - Referee Appointments - Matchday 6 (Tuesday)

Belarusian Aleksei Kulbakov will make his UEFA Champions League bow at Estádio da Luz being the showplace of SL Benfica - Bayer Leverkusen in Group C. Meanwhile, William Collum will handle one of the most important matches of Tuesday evening when Juventus Turin will fight for the runners-up place in Group A against Atlético Madrid. The Scottish will be assessed by the only UEFA Referee Committee member of the evening, Nikolay Levnikov. Find all appointments placed below.

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Georgios Karaiskakis, Piraeus (GRE)
Olympiakos - Malmö FF
Referee: Stéphane Lannoy (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Annonier (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Laurent Stien (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Antony Gautier (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Olivier Thual (FRA)
Fourth Official: Hicham Zakrani (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Stefan Ormandjiev (BUL)
UEFA Delegate: Christian Mutschler (SUI)
Blog Referee Observer: Nur (ENG)

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET Juventus Stadium, Turin (ITA)
Juventus Turin - Atlético Madrid
Referee: William Collum (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: Damien Macgraith (IRL)
Assistant Referee 2: Graham Chambers (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Robert Madden (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Kevin Clancy (SCO)
Fourth Official: Alastair Mather (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Nikolay Levnikov (RUS)
UEFA Delegate: Charles Schaack (LUX)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Anfield Road, Liverpool (ENG)
Liverpool FC - FC Basel
Referee: Björn Kuipers (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Sander van Roekel (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Erwin E.J. Zeinstra (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Pol van Boekel (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Richard Liesveld (NED)
Fourth Official: Angelo Boonman (NED)
UEFA Referee Observer: Sándor Piller (HUN)
UEFA Delegate: Christian Kofoed (DEN)
Blog Referee Observer: Gitzlo (AUT)

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid (ESP)
Real Madrid - Ludogorets
Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)
Assistant Referee 1: Frédéric Cano (FRA)
Assistant Referee 2: Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Fredy Fautrel (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Nicolas Rainville (FRA)
Fourth Official: Philippe Jeanne (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Alfredo Trentalange (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Panagiotis Chatzialexiou (GER)
Blog Referee Observer: Edward (GRE)

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Stade Louis II, Monaco (MON)
AS Monaco - Zenit St Petersburg
Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Jure Praprotnik (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Robert Vukan (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Slavko Vinčić (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Roberto Ponis (SVN)
Fourth Official: Andraž Kovacic (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Guy Goethals (BEL)
UEFA Delegate: Michel Pralong (SUI)
Blog Referee Observer: Maxi R (GER)

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Estádio da Luz, Lisbon (POR)
SL Benfica - Bayer Leverkusen
Referee: Aleksei Kulbakov (BLR)
Assistant Referee 1: Andrei Hetsikau (BLR)
Assistant Referee 2: Aleh Maslianka (BLR)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Siarhei Tsynkevich (BLR)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Dzianis Shcharbakou (BLR)
Fourth Official: Dmitry Zhuk (BLR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jan Fasung (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Steve Stride (ENG)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi, Istanbul (TUR)
Galatasaray - Arsenal FC
Referee: David Fernández Borbalán (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Raúl Cabañero Martínez (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: José Fernández Miranda (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Javier Estrada Fernández (ESP)
Fourth Official: Teodoro Sobrino Magán (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)
UEFA Delegate: Dusko Grabovac (CRO)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)

09/12/2014, 20:45 CET
Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund (GER)
Borussia Dortmund - RSC Anderlecht
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco (ESP)
Assistant Referee 1: Roberto Díaz Pérez Del Palomar (ESP)
Assistant Referee 2: Pau Cebrián Devis (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Alejandro Hernández Hernández (ESP)
Fourth Official: Victoriano Díaz Casado (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Rodger Gifford (WAL)
UEFA Delegate: Patrick Wattebled (FRA)
Blog Referee Observer: Nikitas (GRE)
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25 November 2014

Cüneyt Çakır has suffered a pneumothorax and was taken to hospital

Turkish World Cup 2014 semifinal referee Cüneyt Çakır has suffered a pneumothorax during last weekend's Süper Lig match between Gençlerbirliği and Karabükspor in Ankara and was taken to hospital immediately.

After 28 minutes, Çakır started to feel pain in his chest and furthermore suffered from breathlessness for a while on the field of play. He continued to referee the match until the end of the first half and was then replaced by his first additional assistant referee.

His doctor, Mr Tevfik Ali Küçükbaş, explained it as follows: "Due to an unexpected airflow in his lung tissue, there was an accumulation of air in his chest. This prevented his lungs from enlarging in order to breath properly. After an operation, he is still in our hospital to make his lung recover and will stay here for a couple of days. Until the weekend, he will have recovered completely."

The medicine additionally suspected that Çakır's pneumothorax was due to an infection, influenza or something comparable. Often times, pneumothoraces are a consequence of smoking or drinking too much alcohol, which Çakır's father clearly excluded: "We thank the doctors and hospital, the Turkish football federation and everybody who reached us. I believe he is very strong. We all know that he (Çakır) has a very proper lifestyle, doesn't smoke and doesn't drink any alcohol. Now he just needs some time to return onto the field of play."

Cüneyt Çakır's career as top referee is clearly not in danger. As the doctors believe the pneumothorax has resulted from something acute and nothing chronical, "there is nothing that might adversely affect his refereeing career", as Zekeriya Alp (Head of Refereeing in TFF) said.

The Third Team wishes Cüneyt Çakır all the best!
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24 November 2014

Europa League - Referee Appointments - Matchday 5

These are the officials appointed by UEFA for 2014-15 Europa League Group Stage Matchday 5.

Kristo Tohver will be observed by Bo Karlsson

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Champions League 2014/15 - Referee Appointments - Matchday 5 (Wednesday)

Viktor Kassai has been assigned to take charge of Arsenal FC - Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday in form of UEFA Champions League's matchday 5, being observed by UEFA Chief Refereeing Officer Pierluigi Collina. Meanwhile, Wolfgang Stark will have his farewell match in Estadio Vicente Calderón taking charge of Atlético - Olympiakos, which will be his 51st UEFA Champions League tie. The full appointments will follow in a couple of moments.

Observed by Collina: Viktor Kassai from Hungary

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23 November 2014

Champions League 2014/15 - Referee Appointments - Matchday 5 (Tuesday)

UEFA has assigned the following eight referee teams for next Tuesday's Champions League Matchday 5 ties. Among others, Czech Pavel Královec will handle the game tie between Manchester City and Bayern München, while Slovenian Matej Jug will be observed by committee's member Jozef Marko in Paris Saint Germain - Ajax.

25/11/2014, 18:00 CET 
Arena Khimki, Khimki, Russia
CSKA Moskva - AS Roma (E)
Referee: Felix Brych (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: Mark Borsch (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Stefan Lupp (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Bastian Dankert (GER)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Marco Fritz (GER)
Fourth Official: Marco Achmüller (GER)
UEFA Referee Observer: Mehmet Murat Ilgaz (TUR)
UEFA Delegate: Pavel Kolev (BUL)
Blog Referee Observer: Gino (BEL)

25/11/2014, 18:00 CET
Borisov Arena, Borisov, Belarus
BATE Borisov - Porto FC (H)
Referee: Ovidiu Alin Hațegan (ROU)
Assistant Referee 1: Octavian Sovre (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Eugen Gheorghe (ROU)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Alexandru Dan Tudor (ROU)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Sebastian Costantin Coltescu (ROU)
Fourth Official: Radu Adrian Ştefan Ghinguleac (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zoran Petrović (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Jean Paul Mievis (BEL)
Blog Referee Observer: Howard M. (GER)

25/11/2014, 20:45 CET
Arena Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine
Shakhtar Donetsk - Athletic Club De Bilbao (H)
Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Assistant Referee 1: Simon Beck (ENG)
Assistant Referee 2: Jake Collin (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Michael Oliver (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Jonathan Moss (ENG)
Fourth Official: Simon Peter Bennett (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jean Lemmer (LUX)
UEFA Delegate: Jevgenijs Milevskis (LVA)
Blog Referee Observer: Chefren (ITA)

25/11/2014, 20:45 CET
City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester, England
Manchester Cty - Bayern München (E)
Referee: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Assistant Referee 1: Roman Slysko (SVK)
Assistant Referee 2: Martin Wilczek (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Radek Prihoda (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Michal Patak (CZE)
Fourth Official: Antonin Kordula (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Peter Fröjdfeldt (SWE) 
UEFA Delegate: Dag Steinar Vestlund (NOR)
Blog Referee Observer: Gitzlo (AUT)

25/11/2014, 20:45 CET 
GSP Stadium, Nicosia, Cyprus
APOEL Nicosia - FC Barcelona (F)
Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (ITA)
Assistant Referee 1: Gianluca Cariolato (ITA) 
Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Giallatini (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Carmine Russo (ITA)
Fourth Official: Riccardo Di Fiore (ITA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jørn West Larsen (DEN)
UEFA Delegate: Bernd Barutta (GER)
Blog Referee Observer: Nikitas (GRE)

25/11/2014, 20:45 CET 
Parc des Princes, Paris, France
Paris SG - Ajax (F)
Referee: Matej Jug (SVN)
Assistant Referee 1: Matej Žunič (SVN)
Assistant Referee 2: Bojan Ul (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Mitja Zganec (SVN)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Dejan Balazic (SVN)
Fourth Official: Manuel Vidali (SVN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Joël Wolff (LUX)
Blog Referee Observer: Maxi R. (GER)

25/11/2014, 20:45 CET 
Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Schalke 04 - Chelsea FC G)
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referee 1: Mathias Klasenius (SWE)
Assistant Referee 2: Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Stefan Johannesson (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Mehmet Culum (SWE)
UEFA Referee Observer: László Vagner (HUN)
UEFA Delegate: Cornel Cristian Bivolaru (ROU)
Blog Referee Observer: Mike (AUT)

25/11/2014, 20:45 CET
José Alvalade, Lisbon, Portugal
Sporting SP - NK Maribor (G)
Referee: Craig Thomson (SCO)
Assistant Referee 1: William Conquer (SCO)
Assistant Referee 2: David McGeachie (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Kevin Clancy (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Brian Colvin (SCO)
Fourth Official: Francis Connor (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Terje Hauge (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: José Luis López Serrano (ESP)
Blog Referee Observer: Niclas (GER)
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21 November 2014

Youth League - Referee Appointments - Matchdays 5 & 6

UEFA has chosen the following match officiating teams to oversee the last two group stage matchdays of UEFA Youth League's 2014/15 campaign. The assignments for Matchday 6 will be added in due course.

Czech Petr Ardeleanu to handle Schalke (U19) - Chelsea (U19)

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19 November 2014

Weekly News: Hugh Dallas quits as Greek Referee Officer following Attacks on colleague

At the start of August of this year, we reported about the appointment of Hugh Dallas to become the Chief Refereeing Officer in the Greek football associations. After only three months, the Scottish UEFA Vice Refereeing Officer has quit a part of his job in Athens following violent attacks on his colleague Christoforos Zografos.

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11 November 2014

Weekly News: Mistaken Identity, The Invisible Clatts, EURO 2016 and Post-Match Suspensions

These things bothered us during the last week(s). Besides presenting some news and statements, your opinion is needed this time as well!

Mistaken identity: Who has to get the yellow card?

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UEFA EURO 2016 Qualifiers - Referee Appointments for November 2014 (MD4)

These are the referees appointed by UEFA for MD4 of  EURO 2016 qualifying matches, to be played on 14, 15 and 16 November 2014.

Björn Kuipers will officiate Italy - Croatia

14 November 2014

Boris Paichadze Erovnuli Stadioni, Tbilisi (GEO), Group D, 18:00 CET
Georgia - Poland
Referee: Paolo Tagliavento (ITA)
Assistant Referees: Lorenzo Manganelli (ITA), Mauro Tonolini (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees: Luca Banti (ITA), Antonio Damato (ITA)
Fourth Official: Alessandro Costanzo (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Metin Kazancioglu (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vladimir Antonov (MDA)

Grundig Stadion, Nuremberg (GER), Group D, 20:45 CET
Germany - Gibraltar
Referee: Alexandru Tudor (ROU)
Assistant Referees: Aurel Oniţă (ROU), Octavian Șovre (ROU)
Additional Assistant Referees: Ovidiu Haţegan (ROU), Cristian Balaj (ROU)
Fourth Official: Ovidiu Artene (ROU)
UEFA Delegate: Eggert Magnusson (ISL) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Emil Bozinovski (MKD)

Celtic Park, Glasgow (SCO), Group D, 20:45 CET
Scotland - Republic of Ireland
Referee: Milorad Mažić (SRB)
Assistant Referees: Milovan Ristić (SRB), Dalibor Djurdjević (SRB)
Additional Assistant Referees: Danilo Grujić (SRB), Dejan Filipovic (SRB)
Fourth Official: Dejan Petrović (SRB)
UEFA Delegate: Petr Fousek (CZE)
UEFA Referee Observer: Jaap Uilenberg (NED)

Stadio Georgios Karaiskakis, Piraeus (GRE), Group F, 20:45 CET
Greece - Faroe Islands
Referee: Nicola Rizzoli (ITA)
Assistant Referees: Renato Faverani (ITA), Andrea Stefani (ITA)
Additional Assistant Referees: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (ITA), Davide Massa (ITA)
Fourth Official: Gianluca Cariolato (ITA)
UEFA Delegate: Leonid Kaloshin (RUS)
UEFA Referee Observer: Plarent Kotherja (ALB)

Groupama Aréna, Budapest (HUN), Group F, 20:45 CET
Hungary - Finland
Referee: Clément Turpin (FRA)
Assistant Referees: Frédéric Cano (FRA), Nicolas Danos (FRA)
Additional Assistant Referees: Fredy Fautrel (FRA), Nicolas Rainville (FRA)
Fourth Official: Cyril Gringore (FRA)
UEFA Delegate: Wolfgang Thierrichter (AUT)
UEFA Referee Observer: Alan Snoddy (NIR) 

Arena Națională, Bucharest (ROU), Group F, 20:45 CET
Romania - Northern Ireland
Referee: Jonas Eriksson (SWE)
Assistant Referees: Mathias Klasenius (SWE), Daniel Wärnmark (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referees: Stefan Johannesson (SWE), Markus Strömbergsson (SWE)
Fourth Official: Mehmet Culum (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Kazimierz Oleszek (POL) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Eyjolfur Olafsson (ISL)

Estádio Algarve, Faro-Loule (POR), Group I, 20:45 CET
Portugal - Armenia
Referee: Tasos Sidiropoulos (GRE)
Assistant Referees: Damianos Efthimiadis (GRE), Polychronis Kostaras (GRE) 
Additional Assistant Referees: Ilias Spathas (GRE), Stavros Tritsonis (GRE)
Fourth Official: Christos Akrivos (GRE)
UEFA Delegate: Rudolf Zavrl (SVN) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Nikolay Levnikov (RUS)

Stadion FK Partizan, Belgrade (SRB), Group I, 20:45 CET
Serbia - Denmark
Referee: Cüneyt Çakır (TUR)
Assistant Referees: Bahattin Duran (TUR), Tarik Ongun (TUR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Hüseyin Göçek (TUR), Barış Şimşek (TUR)
Fourth Official: Mustafa Emre Eyisoy (TUR)
UEFA Delegate: Dusan Tittel (SVK)
UEFA Referee Observer: Markus Nobs (SUI)

Stade de la Route-de-Lorient - Rennes (FRA), 20:45 CET
France - Albania
Referee: Miroslav Zelinka (CZE)
Assistant Referees: Ondřej Pelikán (CZE), Krystof Mencl (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referees: Libor Kovařik (CZE), Michal Paták (CZE)
Fourth Official: Radek Kotik (CZE)

15 November 2014

Stade Josy Barthel, Luxembourg (LUX), Group C, 18:00 CET
Luxembourg - Ukraine
Referee: Kristinn Jakobsson (ISL) 
Assistant Referees: Gunnar Gunnarsson (ISL), Johann Gudmundsson (ISL)
Additional Assistant Referees: Thoroddur Hjaltalin (ISL), Thorvaldur Árnason (ISL)
Fourth Official: Sigurdur Oli Thorleifsson (ISL)
UEFA Delegate: Michel Pralong (SUI)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vitalijs Liholajs (LVA)

Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna (AUT), Group G, 18:00 CET
Austria - Russia
Referee: Martin Atkinson (ENG) 
Assistant Referees: Darren Cann (ENG), Stephen Child (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referees: Michael Oliver (ENG), Craig Pawson (ENG)
Fourth Official: Peter Kirkup (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Jan Damgaard (DEN) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Zbigniew Przesmycki (POL)

Stadionul Zimbru, Chisinau (MDA), Group G, 18:00 CET
Moldova - Liechtenstein
Referee: Mattias Gestranius (FIN)
Assistant Referees: Jan-Peter Aravirta (FIN), Mikko Alakare (FIN)
Additional Assistant Referees: Antti Munukka (FIN), Dennis Antamo (FIN)
Fourth Official: Matti Heininen (FIN)
UEFA Delegate: Patrick Wattebled (FRA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Dragutin Karlo Poljak (CRO)

Wembley Stadium, London (ENG), Group E, 18:00 CET
England - Slovenia
Referee: Olegário Benquerença (POR)
Assistant Referees: Ricardo Santos (POR), Rui Tavares (POR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Carlos Xistra (POR), Marco Ferreira (POR)
Fourth Official: Nuno Pereira (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Luis Cuervas Del Real (ESP)
UEFA Referee Observer: Wilfried Heitmann (GER)

San Marino Stadium, Serravalle (SMR), Group E, 18:00 CET
San Marino - Estonia
Referee: Felix Brych (GER)
Assistant Referees: Mark Borsch (GER), Stefan Lupp (GER)
Additional Assistant Referees: Felix Zwayer (GER), Marco Fritz (GER)
Fourth Official: Marco Achmüller (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Ísak Mikladal (FRO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Günter Benkö (AUT)

AFG Arena, St Gallen (SUI), Group E, 20:45 CET
Switzerland - Lithuania
Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (NOR)
Assistant Referees: Kim Thomas Haglund (NOR), Dag-Roger Nebben (NOR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Ken Henry Johnsen (NOR), Svein-Erik Edvartsen (NOR)
Fourth Official: Sven Erik Midthjell (NOR)
UEFA Delegate: Roland Coquard (FRA) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Jozef Marko (SVK)

Estadio Nuevo Colombino, Huelva (ESP), Group C, 20:45 CET
Spain - Belarus
Referee: Kenn Hansen (DEN)
Assistant Referees: Lars Rix (DEN), Henrik Larsen (DEN)
Additional Assistant Referees: Jakob Kehlet (DEN), Jens Maae (DEN)
Fourth Official: Derya Oguz (DEN)
UEFA Delegate: Peter Lundström (FIN)
UEFA Referee Observer: Vítor Melo Pereira (POR)

Gradski Stadion Podgorica, Podgorica (MNE), Group G, 20:54 CET
Montenegro - Sweden
Referee: William Collum (SCO)
Assistant Referees: Damien MacGraith (IRL), Graham Chambers (SCO)
Additional Assistant Referees: Bobby Madden (SCO), Kevin Clancy (SCO)
Fourth Official: Alastair Mather (SCO)
UEFA Delegate: Gunther De Saedeleer (BEL) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Alain Hamer (LUX)

Nacionalna Arena Filip II Makedonski, Skopje (MKD), Group C, 20:45 CET
FYROM - Slovakia
Referee: Pedro Proença (POR)
Assistant Referees: Bertino Miranda (POR), Tiago Trigo (POR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Manuel De Sousa (POR), João Capela (POR)
Fourth Official: Paulo Soares (POR)
UEFA Delegate: Andrew Shaw (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Charles Agius (MLT)

16 November 2014

Amsterdam ArenA, Amsterdam (NED), Group A, 18:00 CET
Netherlands - Latvia
Referee: Liran Liany (ISR)
Assistant Referees: David Elias Biton (ISR), Oren Borneshtain (ISR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Eitan Shemeulevitch (ISR), Orel Grinfeld (ISR)
Fourth Official: Nissan Davidy (ISR)
UEFA Delegate: Barry Bright (ENG)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bo Karlsson (SWE)

King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels (BEL), Group B, 18:00 CET
Belgium - Wales
Referee: Pavel Královec (CZE)
Assistant Referees: Roman Slyško (SVK), Martin Wilczek (CZE)
Additional Assistant Referees: Radek Příhoda (CZE), Petr Ardeleanu (CZE)
Fourth Official: Antonin Kordula (CZE)
UEFA Delegate: Ghenadie Scurtul (MDA)
UEFA Referee Observer: Domenico Messina (ITA)

GSP Stadium, Nicosia (CYP), Group B, 18:00 CET
Cyprus - Andorra
Referee: Mark Clattenburg (ENG)
Assistant Referees: Simon Beck (ENG), Jake Collin (ENG)
Additional Assistant Referees: Andre Marriner (ENG), John Moss (ENG) 
Fourth Official: Simon Bennett (ENG)
UEFA Delegate: Ralph Aubry (NIR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Ioannis Tsachilidis (GRE)

Bakcell Arena, Baku (AZE), Group H, 18:00 CET
Azerbaijan - Norway
Referee: Ievgenii Aranovski (UKR) 
Assistant Referees: Aleksandr Voytuk (UKR), Semen Shlonchak (UKR)
Additional Assistant Referees: Sergii Boiko (UKR), Anatolii Adula (UKR)
Fourth Official: Sergey Bekker (UKR)
UEFA Delegate: Mehmet Süheyl Önen (TUR)
UEFA Referee Observer: Zoran Petrović (SRB)

Natsionalen Stadion Vasil Levski, Sofia (BUL), Group H, 20:45 CET
Bulgaria - Malta
Referee: Martin Strömbergsson (SWE)
Assistant Referees: Daniel Gustavsson (SWE), Joakim Flink (SWE)
Additional Assistant Referees: Andreas Ekberg (SWE), Bojan Pandžić (SWE)
Fourth Official: Per Brogevik (SWE)
UEFA Delegate: Irakli Nakaidze (GEO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Konrad Plautz (AUT)

Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, Milan (ITA), Group H, 20:45 CET
Italy - Croatia
Referee: Björn Kuipers (NED)
Assistant Referees: Sander van Roekel (NED), Erwin Zeinstra (NED)
Additional Assistant Referees: Pol van Boekel (NED), Richard Liesveld (NED)
Fourth Official: Mario Diks (NED)
UEFA Delegate: Jacques Antenen (SUI)
UEFA Referee Observer: László Vagner (HUN)

Itztadion Sammy Ofer, Haifa (ISR), Group B, 20:45 CET
Israel - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Referee: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
Assistant Referees: Pau Cebrián Devís (ESP), Roberto Díaz Pérez del Palomar (ESP)
Additional Assistant Referees: Alejandro Hernandez (ESP), Javier Estrada (ESP)
Fourth Official: Raúl Cabanero Martínez (ESP)
UEFA Delegate: Ionel Piscanu (ROU)
UEFA Referee Observer: Bertrand Layec (FRA)

Doosan Arena, Plzen (CZE), Group A, 20:45 CET
Czech Republic - Iceland
Referee: Wolfgang Stark (GER)
Assistant Referees: Mike Pickel (GER), Thorsten Schiffner (GER)
Additional Assistant Referees: Christian Dingert (GER), Daniel Siebert (GER)
Fourth Official: Markus Häcker (GER)
UEFA Delegate: Duncan Fraser (SCO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Kaj Natri (FIN)

Ali Sami Yen Spor Kompleksi, Istanbul (TUR), Group A, 20:45 CET
Turkey - Kazakhstan
Referee: Aleksei Eskov (RUS)
Assistant Referees: Dmitrii Mosiakin (RUS), Valery Danchenko (RUS)
Additional Assistant Referees: Alexey Nikolaev (RUS), Mikhail Vilkov (RUS)
Fourth Official: Nikolai Golubev (RUS)
UEFA Delegate: Alan McRae (SCO) 
UEFA Referee Observer: Miroslav Radoman (SRB)
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